„M4B“ – MARKETING FOR BUSINESS has been our slogan for 7 years.

In accordance with the slogan, we have been continually developing our company and widening the range of our marketing services, endeavouring to improve your business.

By signing individual agreements with the client (valid until the completion of the agreed deal), short-term agreements (undertaking of business activities of the company without the client’s long-term commitment), or long-term agreements (undertaking of business activities of the company with a permanent improvement in the quality and a continuous rationalisation), we commit to provide the services and supply the requested goods at competitive prices, with an assured quality and a binding delivery date.

Entrusting your marketing management to our team of experts will bring you numerous advantages:

  • Reduced overload of your own capacities
  • Ability to focus on your primary business activity
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased efficiency in other business segments of your company

A professional approach, competitive prices and binding dates constitute the imperative of our business activity.

Our aim is to offer services to our clients on the principle of the “turn-key completion” – from the idea and the strategy, to the product and the publicity.

We have used the synergy of marketing and sourcing to expand our business to the sphere of wholesale commerce of:

  • consumer goods
  • textile products for hotels

We strive to fulfil your expectations because if you succeed, we have succeeded, too.


Status data:

Registration No. 080553275
Tax No. 40281266352
Company No. 2044064
Equity: 100.000,00 EUR
Board members: Siniša Dorotić
Giro account / IBAN HR33 2483 0051 1000 1619 5
Dorsi d.o.o.
Gramača 3b
10 000 Zagreb
Ksaverska cesta 8