Promotional items and corporate gifts

Investing in quality personalised promotional items and giving them as gifts to your clients is one of the best ways to advertise your business.

If you would like to obtain specially wrapped personalised wristwatches, beach towels with your company’s logo woven into them, cups with printed logos, or any other promotional merchandise – all you need to do is send us a request at
You will receive our offer within 24 hours.

We offer a wide range of promotional items and corporate gifts, from consumer goods to exclusive brands.

Have a look at our promotional catalogues or at the gallery of promotional items we have made in the past.

Audio and video production

A team of experienced audio and video production experts is ready to run client-defined projects and develop creative ideas.

We can do affordable classical television productions of high quality, as well as 2D and 3D animations, commercials and other custom-made projects.

Event management

Organisation of events is a great way of communicating with clients, which can help you achieve various goals – for instance, attract attention, leave a good impression, accurately define target groups, combine different ways of communication, ensure long-term communication, as well as achieve numerous synergic effects.

We offer event management for the following events:

  • Fairs and the participation in fairs
  • Shows
  • Promotion of products and services
  • Parties
  • Presentations

Creative solutions

“From the idea to the implementation!” – we develop and carry out creative concepts with a high quality of service.

We create complete visual identities of companies – we will design your book of standards, your logo, the promotional merchandise, packaging, advertisements, web pages, etc.

We will help you attract clients’ attention and get your message across.

Public relations

  • We establish and maintain quality communication between the client and the public.
  • We will help you build the trust and reputation in the market.
  • We communicate with the media – we use the media space to keep business partners informed and create a positive image – we give statements, we write news items, we call press conferences and communicate with reporters and editors in all areas.
  • We will advise you about the way to communicate with the market – we listen to the wishes and needs of consumers, run surveys and reduce business risks.
  • We will teach your employees how to represent your company and convey your message to the customers in the best possible way.


Make your logo visible using different types of print, stitching, engraving, 3D stickers and other methods.

Screen printingScreen printing is a method of applying ink onto a surface by squeezing it through a woven mesh. It can be monochromatic or polychromous. When spreading ink over a silkscreen, tiny particles of ink pass through the silk and onto the item, leaving a print of the given motif. Screen printing may be used on both flat and curved surfaces. It is used for almost all hard materials such as plastics, metal, wood, rubber, glass, ceramics and textile.

Unlike other printing methods, screen printing can be used to apply ink layers of different thickness, so that the final imprint can be in relief. It is very durable under all conditions and has very good covering quality.

Sublimation printingn sublimation printing the pattern is first printed in sublimation ink onto a transfer paper. The paper is then applied to the material and placed in a heat press, where the dye turns into gas and transfers onto the material under high temperature and pressure. It permeates the fabric, rather than staying on its surface, as is the case with screen printing. Hard materials, such as ceramics, metal and similar, should have a special coating for the sublimation dye to stick to them.
Tampon printingThis technique is used to transfer printing forms (clichés) onto a material by means of a rubber tampon. The print can be in one colour or multicoloured. This is a quick and accurate deep printing technique used for flat and curved surfaces on various materials, such as plastics, glass, ceramics and rubber. It is usually applied to items such as pencils, key rings, lighters, cups, ash trays and other similar promotional items.
Diamond engravingThis technique is used to engrave text, logos or drawings into glass surfaces by means of a diamond tip.
A diamond needle – for scratching brass, aluminium, steel, varnished metal, glass, mirrors, brass acrylic, anodized aluminium, brass and stainless steel.
Laser engravingLaser engraving machines enable highly accurate engraving and cutting of numerous materials: all types of metal, glass, wood, leather and plastic. We have performed laser engraving on ball-point pens, wooden key rings, price lists, wine labels, business cards, identity tabs, plaques, promotional signs for shelves, and similar.
Hot stampingHot stamping is a surface printing method in which a model is impressed into the surface under high temperature. It can be done by dry paint or foil. It is used for plastic and paper surfaces.
Computerised embroideryComputerised embroidery is a method of embroidering according to a computer-created template. The motif can be fashioned in one or more colours. Using high quality machines, we make all types of embroidery on different materials – from stiff jeans to soft cotton or woollen items.
3D stickers3D stickers are PVC stickers coated by a special 1-2mm thick polyurethane mixture that gives them a 3D appearance. Apart from the appearance, the coating protects them from scratching, humidity and UV radiation. The transparent coating gives an impression of depth, heightens the colour intensity and represents a lens that enlarges the visual dimension.

Logistics solutions

We make all kinds of declarations and bar codes and provide the following services:

  • declaration of products
  • storage and distribution of goods within a given project
  • renting of equipment for events

Marketing consulting

If you would like to be unique and recognisable and make a special appearance on the market – we could help you by giving you some expert advice. We help our clients plan and develop strategic and creative programmes for placing and positioning their brands on domestic and international markets.

Areas of support:

  • Market research
  • Making of a marketing plan based on the selected strategy
  • Making of an advertising plan
  • Design and organisation of presentations and promotions
  • PR consulting
  • Design and organisation of gastronomic, cultural and sports marketing sales and promotions
  • Web page design
  • Internet marketing

Loyalty programmes

We organise loyalty programmes for companies of various profiles that include the products of Fila, Diadora, Philips and LG brands. Give your customers the reason for a lasting loyalty!